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DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite provides researchers with an integrated pipeline for assembling and analyzing multi-sample data sets. Features of the Lasergene Genomics Suite software include:

  • Powerful analysis and filtering capabilities for both prospective and retrospective studies.
  • The new best practice in NGS variant calling
  • Quick assembly of large data sets from all major next-gen technologies on a desktop computer—check out our benchmarks below.
  • Ability to quickly identify mutations using live, interactive views.
  • Direct connection to the GO Annotation, dbNSFP, dbSNP, COSMIC and GERP databases.
  • Utilization of gene ontologies to identfy the relationship between genes with particular biological functions or to determine the relative importance of genes in specific processes.
  • Large-scale comparisons of SNPs across individuals and groups of individuals, and the ability to determine the level of disruption to each gene caused by the SNPs present.
  • Multiple statistical analysis tools and visualizations options for identifying groups of co-regulated genes.
  • Ability to import and analyze phenotypic data as well as custom SNP annotations.



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Alert Note that a "Commercial Services" license is required for organizations that use our software as part of an analysis pipeline that is provided as a service for others. Please request a quote for pricing and additional information.

Lasergene Genomics Suite Reference-Guided Genome Alignment Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence
Size (Mbp)
Number of
Reads (M)
Number of
Bases (Mbp)
Length (bp)
Coverage Assembly
Human Genome* Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 3,523 112,738 32 36X 23 Hrs.
8 Human Exomes* (multiplex) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 1,268 12,047 76 446X 14 Hrs.
RNA-Seq (6 human samples) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 322 2,687 50 NA 3.5 Hrs.
Human Exome* Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 163 12,390 76 459X 2 Hrs.
ChIP- Seq (3 human samples) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 106 1,273 36 NA 1.5 Hrs.
RNA-Seq (2 human samples) Ion Torrent Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 17.5 875 100 NA 1.5 Hrs.
Rice Genome* Illumina IRGSP build 4 + dbSNP 382 272 8,708 32 23X 1.5 Hrs.
Arabidopsis Genome* Illumina TAIR10 120 67 5,000 75 42X 1 Hr.
Aspergillus Genome* Roche 454 ASM265v1 29 2 1,055 450 36X 38 Min.
"Deep" K-12 E. coli Genome* Illumina MG1655 5 45 4,539 100 908X 28 Min.
Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel (3 multiplexed data sets)Data provided by Ion Torrent. Ion Torrent Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 3 99 85 500X 24 Min.
K-12 E. coli Genome (merge pair data)Data provided by Ion Torrent.
Merged pair data consists of overlapping forward and reverse reads.
SeqMan NGen aligns these reads and merges them into a single consensus.
Ion Torrent DH10B


3 387 115 77X 7 Min.
K-12 E. coli Genome* Roche 454 MG1655 5 1.5 606 400 121X 3 Min.
Fluidigm® Access Array System (2 multiplexed data sets)Data provided by Pacific Biosciences. Pac Bio Fluidigm human amplicons 0.1 < 1 7 180 500X 1 Min.
K-12 E. coli Genome* Illumina MG1655 5 2.5 250 100 50X 1 Min.

*Data sets for these projects were obtained from NCBI's Short Read Archive.
** Assembly times were calculated using a computer with a 4 Disk RAID-0.

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