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Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite includes de novo sequence assembly software that allows you to quickly and easily perform de novo assemblies using either long or short reads from all major next-gen sequencing platforms. Features of the Lasergene Genomics Suite software include:

  • Quick and accurate de novo assembly on a desktop computer
  • Assembly of either single-end or paired-end data
  • The ability to view contig scaffolds along with the paired sequences that tie the contigs together
  • Annotation of gaps in the scaffold consensus

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Lasergene Genomics Suite De Novo Assembly Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence Technology Number of Reads (K) Number of Bases (M) Coverage ContigN50 (Kbp) Assembly Time**
K-12 E. coli Genome* Illumina 2,500 250 51X 100 17 Min.
"Deep" K-12 E. coli Genome* Illumina 10,000 4,539 205X 82 1.5 Hrs.
K-12 E. coli Genome* Roche 454 1,075 606 30X 26 18 Min.
K-12 E. coli Genome (merge pair data) Data provided by Ion Torrent.
Merged pair data consists of overlapping forward and reverse reads.
SeqMan NGen aligns these reads and merges them into a single consensus.
Ion Torrent 3,978 387 100X 12 2 Hrs.
K-12 E. coli Genome (mate pair data) Data provided by Ion Torrent. Ion Torrent 7,077 1,826 150X 34 3.5 Hrs.
Rodent Transcriptome* Roche 454 1,064 570 16X 1,199 5.5 Hrs.

* Data sets for these projects were obtained from NCBI's Short Read Archive.
** Assembly times were calculated using a computer with 4 Disk's in RAID-0.

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