De Novo Transcriptome Assembly Software

De Novo Transcriptome Assembly Software

Lasergene Genomics Suite

Lasergene Genomics Suite software easily and efficiently performs de novo transcriptome assembly and gene expression analysis, enabling you to:

  • Assemble data for small or large transcriptome data sets on a desktop computer, using DNASTAR’s patented algorithm which utilizes RefSeq to identify and merge transcripts, resulting in longer, more complete mRNA sequences.
  • Automatically annotate assembled transcripts using DNASTAR's proprietary transcript annotation tool to identify genes and highlight known and novel genes among your transcripts.
  • Easily remove rRNA and contaminants, and perform adapter trimming to help you obtain the most appropriate annotated transcript results more efficiently.
  • Review and edit assembled transcripts, and identify important subsets of transcripts, based on criteria such as similarity to known genes or transcript length.
  • Compare RNA-Seq experimental data to all assembled transcripts or to custom subsets to identify differential expression among various transcript data sets in differing conditions.

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