Mendelian Gene Panels and Exome Analysis Software

Mendelian Gene Panels and Exome Analysis

Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite allows users to effortlessly align Mendelian exome and gene panel data against a genomic reference sequence and perform comprehensive post-alignment analysis, including identifying SNPs and structural variants, and reviewing coverage.

  • Support for both single-end and paired-end data
  • Align multiplexed data or multiple samples simultaneously
  • Integrated support for both VCF and BED files
  • Large-scale SNP comparisons across individuals and groups
  • Advanced gene filtering based on the level of disruption to each gene caused by variations
  • Compare and select groups of variants between your samples using the Venn diagram
  • Send genes or variants of interest to SeqMan Pro to view the read alignment at that position, or send to GenVision Pro to view the assembly coverage for all samples simultaneously

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