Exome Alignment Software

Exome Alignment Software

Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite allows users to effortlessly align exome data against a genomic reference sequence and perform comprehensive post-alignment analysis, including identifying SNPs and structural variants, and reviewing coverage. Features of Lasergene Genomics Suite's exome alignment software include:

  • Support for both single-end and paired-end data
  • The ability to align multiplexed data or multiple samples simultaneously
  • Large-scale SNP comparisons across individuals and groups
  • Advanced gene filtering based on the level of disruption to each gene caused by variations
  • Support for all major next-gen sequencing technologies

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PDF Icon Rapid Assembly and Analysis of Clinical Sequencing Data on a Desktop Computer: Using DNASTAR Software to Identify Potential Disease-Causing Mutations

Lasergene Genomics Suite Exome Alignment Benchmarks
Data Set Sequence
Size (Mbp)
Number of
Reads (M)
Number of
Bases (Mbp)
Length (bp)
Coverage Assembly
8 Human Exomes* (multiplex) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 1,268 12,047 76 446X 14 Hrs
Human Exome* Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 163 12,390 76 459X 2 Hrs.

*Data sets for these projects were obtained from NCBI's Short Read Archive.
** Assembly times were calculated using a computer with a 4 Disk RAID-0.

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