NGS Assembly with Sanger Validation

Lasergene Genomics Suite Clinical Research Software

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite allows you to use Sanger sequencing to validate the results of your NGS assembly or variant calls, through combining both data types into a single assembly in SeqMan NGen. This workflow can also be used to verify DNA constructs that have been sequenced via NGS.

  • Easily combine Sanger and NGS data in the SeqMan NGen wizard by selecting the new "Sanger Validation" assembly type
  • Analyze results in SeqMan Pro to view both Sanger and NGS sub-alignments in a single view
  • Identify SNPs of interest by grouping and filtering in the SNP Report
  • View SNPs of interest in the context of both the NGS alignment as well as the Sanger alignment, and view trace data for that position
  • Confirm SNPs from the SNP Report and save as a VCF file for downstream analysis
  • For verifying DNA constructs (plasmids or synthesized oligos), use SeqMan Pro to identify and correct NGS sequencing errors

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