SNP Validation Control Software

SNP Validation Control Workflow

Lasergene Genomics Suite

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite offers a validation control workflow which involves running an assembly in SeqMan NGen to verify that you are getting the SNPs that you know are present. This workflow enables you to validate your entire process, including sample preparation, sequencing, and software. Ultimately you will identify sample specific variants and be able to look at the sensitivity, specificity, and balanced accuracy of your project. Features of the Lasergene Genomics Suite software include:

  • The new best practice in NGS variant calling
  • Support for Illumina, Ion Torrent, and custom gene panel data
  • Integrated support for both VCF and BED files
  • Mendelian/Germline and Cancer/Somatic assembly workflows
  • A comprehensive validation report including statistical information on the sensitivity, specificity, and overall balanced accuracy of your project

For more information on using Lasergene Genomics Suite software for SNP validation, please see the video above, which demonstrates our validation control workflow.

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