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DNASTAR is hosting a webinar, Solutions for De Novo Genome Assembly on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 2:30-3:30 pm EST.

Selecting the right tools and software for performing de novo genome assembly is of vital importance, particularly given the relative ease of generating short-read sequence data. As you embark on a complex genome project, what do you need to know in terms of evaluating algorithms? DNA library preparation? IT and storage requirements? What about pilot sequencing projects before attempting a full-blown complex genome assembly? In this webinar, experts, including our own Matthew Keyser, will share the latest ideas and trends in complex genome assembly, including a discussion on the use of open-source and commercial software packages.

Matt Keyser
Next-Gen Application Scientist
Ian Korf, PhD
Associate Director of Bioinformatics
UC Davis Genome Center
Kevin Davies, PhD (moderator)
Author of The $1,000 Genome
Editor, Bio-IT World




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