SeqMan Pro: The most accurate assembler of Sanger ABI trace data

We know that when it comes to the software you use for your research, nothing is more important than accuracy.  Obtaining reliable results you can trust is non-negotiable. That’s why we devote so much time to testing our software—to make sure you get the right result, every time.

Recently, we put our SeqMan Pro application to the test, by evaluating the results of de novo assemblies and comparing them to three competing software applications: Geneious, Sequencher DNA Sequence Analysis Software, and CLC Bio Genomics Workbench.


Two data sets were tested, and consisted of Sanger ABI reads from E. coli and from a Shigella plasmid. We looked at the number of contigs produced, the number of errors that occurred, the number of reads assembled, the contig length, and the percentage of the reference covered.


The results? Of the four products tested, SeqMan Pro’s default assembly method gave the highest accuracy when assembling Sanger ABI trace data. Compared to the other three applications, SeqMan Pro 14.1 created single contigs in both tests, made the fewest errors, and had the greatest number of reads incorporated into the assemblies. It also created the most complete coverage of the target sequence without introducing circular redundancy.


Read our latest white paper to learn more about these de novo assembly trials, then download a free trial of Lasergene to try SeqMan Pro for yourself!