Comprehensive NGS Tools from Assembly to Analysis


Upcoming Webinar: Combined NGS Analysis for Genomic Variation,
Gene Expression, and Gene Regulation

On June 22 at 12:00 EDT, we are offering a free 30-minute webinar on combined NGS analysis for genomic variation, gene expression, and gene regulation.


Join DNASTAR’s Matthew Keyser as he demonstrates how to use Lasergene Genomics Suite for combined analysis of any NGS data for genomics and transcriptomics.


Visualizing Genes/SNPs from ArrayStar in GenVision Pro

In the course of virtually any genomics workflow, identifying a group of genes, variants, peaks, or fragments of interest within ArrayStar is typically a desired step in the process. With Lasergene 14.1, we’ve now made it easier to work with these sets by allowing you to send them as a group to GenVision Pro for further analysis. See how it’s done in our 1-minute quick tip video.



Join us at ASM
We will be in New Orleans, June 1-5, attending ASM Microbe 2017 – one of our favorite conferences of the year. If you are planning on attending or will be in the area and would like to meet, please let us know!
New Poster: Automating Workflows in DNASTAR’s Lasergene Genomics Suite for High-Throughput Applications
Capture_16samplePicture-grouped2Abstract: In the era of increasingly large and complex data sets, it is becoming more important to automate tasks for thorough and complete data analysis. DNASTAR’s Lasergene Genomics Suite has proven itself as a powerful and accurate tool for genomic assembly and analysis and it is used globally by researchers who need an easy to use and feature-rich genomics toolset for a wide range of workflows. Read more