Issues related to NCBI’s transition from “http” to “https” URLs

Date: 9/29/2016


Version Affected: Version 13 and previous


Version Fixed: 14.0


Issue: By December 31, 2016, all U.S. federal government entities will be required to use secure “https” websites instead of general “http” websites. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has announced they plan to make this change on September 30, 2016. We anticipate that NCBI will disable some “http” functionality periodically through the end of 2016, and will disable most or all of it after the end of 2016.


NCBI’s changes will cause the following functions to be disabled in all versions of Lasergene through version 13:


  • BLAST searching and downloads (multiple applications)
  • Entrez searching and downloads (multiple applications)
  • Genome downloads from NCBI (ArrayStar)


The following Lasergene functions will work only as long as NCBI supports automatic redirects:


  • dbSNP links (SeqMan Pro and ArrayStar)
  • Protein Database (PDB) links (Protean 3D)


Resolution: This was fixed in Lasergene 14.0, which now directs communications to the new “https” URLs. To resolve the issue, log in to your DNASTAR account to update to the latest version of Lasergene. Please contact DNASTAR at 866-511-5090 or if you need assistance.