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The bioinformatics software solution for complete analysis, from cloning to next-gen sequencing.  DNASTAR Lasergene includes packages for Molecular Biology, Protein, and Genomics.  One software solution to cover traditional sequence analysis, cloning and primer design as well as next-gen sequencing, gene expression, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and transcriptome analysis.

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Try all of the Lasergene software tools for Molecular Biology, Protein, and Genomics.

Supported Lasergene Workflows:

  • Molecular Cloning
  • Primer Design
  • Sequence Alignment and Assembly
  • SNP Detection and Analysis
  • De Novo Genome Assembly
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis
  • ....and many more!

Find out why users worldwide recognize DNASTAR as a leading software solution for life scientists.

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