View Agarose Gel Simulations

GeneQuest helps you predict electrophoretic separation of restriction fragments through an agarose gel.




1)  Apply one or more enzymes from the Enzymes - Restriction Map method to the assay surface.


2)  Select Sites & Features > Agarose Gel Simulation to view the results.


      The restriction enzymes selected from the assay surface will appear. If none are selected, then all will appear in the simulation.


      The far left and far right lanes of the Agarose Gel Simulation are molecular size standards from bacteriophage lambda. The other lanes show all possible combinations of single, double and triple digests. Above each lane is the name of the enzyme(s) or molecular size standard.


      Fragments in red represent fragments within the current range selected in the assay document.


3)  Move the cursor over a fragment in the simulated gel to see its range, size, and the restriction enzymes cutting each end in the header.


4)  Change the selected range by double clicking on any DNA fragment in the gel simulation.