The following table shows methods for changing the appearance of one or more views:

Task How to…
To show a view Use View > Show Document View > (View Name).
To split the project into two sections that are arranged as a “vertical stack” Use Sequences > Split, Overview > Split, or click on the Split tool () under the view.
To minimize all but the active view Use Sequences > Remove Split, Overview > Remove Split, or click on the Remove Split tool () under the view.
To show the active view in full-screen mode Use View > Full Screen or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F.
To exit full-screen mode and return to normal mode Press the Esc key or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F, or click on the Exit Full Screen tool () at the bottom of the full-screen view.
To detach the view Use View > Detach Document View > (View Name) or use the context (right-click) option of the same name. Detaching a view turns it into a free-floating window.
To reattach all detached views to their original locations Use View > Reattach All Views.

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