Controls for MegAlign Pro’s docking area, panels and expand bars are described in the following table. Not all options in the table are applicable to every item.

Task “How To”
To show or open a hidden item Use the associated View menu command, click on a closed expand bar, or click on a plus sign.
To hide or close a visible item Use the Close icon ( ) or Minimize icon ( ), click on an open expand bar, or click on a minus sign. To close one or more tabs, right-click on a project, view or panel tab and choose Close, Close Others, Close Tabs to Right, or Close All. Some of these options are only available for certain tabs.
To increase or decrease the size of an item Drag the bottom or left sides of the item or use the Maximize icon ( ) or Restore icon ( ). To view more of an open expand bar, close neighboring bars and/or increase the size of the whole panel.
To move an item Using the mouse, grab a project, view or panel tab, then drag and drop it in the desired location.
To move a view or panel up/down Right-click on the view or panel tab and choose Move Up (Down).
To return to the default MegAlign Pro display Choose View > Reset Side Panel Layout.
To return to a view or bring a floating view to the top Choose View > Show Document View > (View Name). This command can also be used to regenerate a Pairwise view that was closed.
To scroll vertically Use the vertical scrollbar or the mouse wheel.
To scroll horizontally Use the horizontal scrollbar, or hold down the Alt key (Win) or Option key (Mac) and drag the mouse.

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