To go to a specified position:

Choose Edit > Go To (Pairwise) Position, use Ctrl/Cmd+J.

  • If the project contains only aligned or only unaligned sequences, type in a number and click OK.

  • If the project contains a mixture of aligned and unaligned sequences, type in a number and use the drop-down menu to choose whether to go to the position in the aligned or unaligned sequences. Then click OK.

To see a specific range in the Sequences view:

In the Overview, double-click on an alignment block to make it active. In the case of a multi-block sequence, double-click on the block again to move the cursor to the selected position. This centers the viewport on the left edge of the block and moves the visible range in the Sequences view to the same area. Using the zoom sliders in the Sequences view controls the width of the viewport, and thus, the amount of visible sequence.

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