To save, close, or exit:

The following table describes how to save files, close projects and exit from MegAlign Pro:

Task How to…
To save all of the open projects simultaneously Choose File > Save All or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+S.
To save a new project in multiple sequence alignment (.msa) format, or to overwrite a previously saved version of the project Choose File > Save, select the Save tool (), or use Ctrl/Cmd+S. If you want to preserve the earlier version of a project, or store a copy of the project with a different name or location, use File > Save As instead. By default, MegAlign Pro saves to the desktop unless directed to save elsewhere.
To close an active project Choose File > Close or Ctrl/Cmd+W. If multiple projects are open, first select the tab corresponding to the project you wish to close.
To exit from MegAlign Pro On Windows, use File > Exit. On Macintosh, use MegAlign Pro > Quit MegAlign Pro. The shortcut Cmd+Q works on both platforms.

Closing or quitting when there are unsaved documents:

If you select File > Close, or if you quit MegAlign Pro when just one unsaved project is open, MegAlign Pro will open the Save Resource dialog. Click Yes to save changes, No to close/quit without saving changes, or Cancel to return to MegAlign Pro without closing/quitting.

If you quit MegAlign Pro while multiple unsaved projects are open, MegAlign Pro will instead display the Save Resources dialog.

  • To save all changed projects, choose Select All. To close all changed projects without saving the updates, pick Deselect All. To save only some of the projects, add/remove checkmarks individually.
  • Click OK to save only the checked projects and to quit MegAlign Pro. Click Cancel to return to MegAlign Pro without saving the checked projects.

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