The Applications dialog designates an (optional) Newick or Nexus viewer of your choice to use in advanced editing of phylogenetic trees. Note that the download, use, or specification of a tree viewer is optional, and is only necessary if you wish to use MegAlign Pro’s File > Send Tree to [Tree Viewer Name] command.

To access the dialog on Windows, use Edit > Preferences. On Macintosh, use MegAlign Pro > Preferences or Cmd+,. If the Applications section is not already active, click on "Applications" on the left.

  • By default, the Location box is empty. If you already have tree viewing/editing software on your machine, use the Browse button to navigate to the application file, and then click OK. Most software that can read a Newick- and/or Nexus-formatted tree file will work here.
  • If you would like to download free tree viewing/editing software, click the link provided to visit this page of our website. After downloading appropriate software, the Location box will usually update automatically. If not, use the Browse button as described above.

Click Apply and OK to save your changes or Cancel to ignore any changes. Click Restore Defaults to return to the default (temporary) storage location.

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