Try it! – Add and align multi-segment sequences

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The following video tutorial describes how to add multi-segment sequences and then align them using the MUSCLE multiple alignment algorithm. The data used is available for free download here: Windows data / Macintosh data.

Perform a Multiple Alignment

Perform a Multiple Alignment

To learn how to perform, modify, and trouble-shoot multiple alignments, see the following topics: Perform an initial multiple alignment Multiple alignment methods and options Modify a multiple alignment Unalign aligned sequences The following video…

Welcome to MegAlign Pro

Welcome to MegAlign Pro

MegAlign Pro is Lasergene’s application for generating multiple and pairwise alignments of protein and/or nucleic acid sequences using your choice of alignment methods. Easily navigate between synchronized views with a click of a button, and rearrange views and…

When no document, or a blank document, is open

MegAlign Pro Interface » Panels » Details panel » When no document, or a blank document, is open

When no document or only a blank document (one containing no sequences) is open, the Details panel displays links to help you get started in MegAlign Pro. Heading One or more links are available. The first three options are available for blank…

Modify a multiple alignment

Perform a Multiple Alignment » Modify a multiple alignment

The following table describes ways to modify an initial multiple alignment: Task See this topic To realign a range of aligned sequences using different parameters or a different alignment engine Subalign sequences To merge two…

Places panel

MegAlign Pro Interface » Panels » Places panel

The Places panel lets you quickly navigate to a sequence location or range that you have visited before. The following video shows to bookmark favorite locations using the Places panel: To open the Places panel: Click on the Places tab (). If the panel is not…

Export an image of the view

Export » Export an image of the view

To export an image of a view : Choose File > Export Image > (View Name). Specify the file name and choose the export format: Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft PowerPoint-optimized (.pptx), PNG image (.png) or JPG image (.jpg, .jpeg). *Notes: If you choose Adobe…



“Tracks” are rows of information that can be displayed or hidden, as desired, in the Overview and Sequences view. Tracks can pertain to a header, footer, or individual sequence row. The following video provides a brief overview of how tracks are used in…

Tree view

MegAlign Pro Interface » Views » Tree view

The Tree View shows evolutionary relationships estimated from the multiple sequence alignment, and is calculated using the currently selected Distance metric. The tree is built using the BioNJ algorithm (Gascuel, 1997), a variant of the Neighbor-Joining algorithm…

Map features (copy features to another sequence)

Features » Map features (copy features to another sequence)

MegAlign Pro’s feature mapping lets you map a single annotation, or all annotations from a source sequence, to a target sequence. The sequences involved must have been previously aligned. During the process, you may optionally filter annotations so as to…