Edit an exported image in PowerPoint

Export » Export an image of a view » Edit an exported image in PowerPoint

The following video shows how to edit exported images of your alignment or genomic tracks within Microsoft PowerPoint:

Launch a session from within ArrayStar

Create or Open a Session » Launch a session from within ArrayStar

To view and analyze a selected entry from ArrayStar: Create or open a project in DNASTAR’s ArrayStar application. Open any table and locate a row with a position of interest. Select the row and choose File > Send Selection To > GenVision Pro or right-click…

Welcome to GenVision Pro

Welcome to GenVision Pro

GenVision Pro supports visualization and analysis of multiple samples from a single genome. In RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and copy number variation (CNV) studies, where coverage and peak plots are compared and used to interpret gene expression and regulation, the ability to…

When no session, or a blank session, is open

GenVision Pro Interface » Panels » Details panel » When no session, or a blank session, is open

When no session, or only a blank session, is open, the Details panel displays links to help you get started in GenVision Pro. Heading Click on the links to: * Create or open a session * Add assemblies to the session * Watch a training video…

Sashimi tracks

Work with Tracks » Sashimi tracks

Analysis of mRNA isoform expression is a key aspect of understanding gene expression. For many genes, the change in isoform ratios for a given gene produce a more significant physiological effect than the overall expression level of that gene. Isoforms are typically…

Places panel

GenVision Pro Interface » Panels » Places panel

The Places panel and the GenVision Pro navigation tools work together so you can quickly navigate to a chromosome or sequence range that you have visited before. To open this panel, do either of the following: Click on the Places tab (). Use the View > Places…

Find a Location

Find a Location

Navigate to a specific position in the sequence: To move the cursor to a specific point on the sequence, do any of the following: Use the navigation tools in the main GenVision Pro header. Open the Places panel and double-click on a previously-stored…