If clients get the message "Cannot connect to license server" it is likely being caused by one of the following:

  • The client machine is no longer connected to the network. To verify, try launching a web browser and connect to an external website or use a different application to open a file that is on your network.
  • The license server machine is down or the service is not working. To remedy, restart the license server machine.
  • The license server machine does not have the same IP address or name. If the IP address or name has changed, this information will need to be changed in the lshost file for every client machine. lshost is a text file that can be opened and modified with a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. For Lasergene clients, the filenames are LGx.lshost, ASx.lshost, and NG‘x’.lshost, respectively. See Installed Lasergene file locations for the locations of the .lshost files.

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