Near the top of the browser window is a light gray toolbar containing AppStream tools. When using your Lasergene free trial, you may find many of these tools very useful.

Tool name Icon Description
Launch app Lets you choose from a list of workflows. If you choose a workflow pertaining to an already-open application, nothing will happen. If you choose a workflow pertaining to a different application, the new application will open. The original application(s) will continue to be available.
Switch windows If multiple applications are open, this tool toggles between displaying multiple application windows as overlapping or side-by-side.
My files Opens the My Files folder containing all of your cloud files. For more information, see Work with data files.
Clipboard This tool and its two sub-options are not supported in the Lasergene free trial.
Settings This tool offers four options, none of which are necessary or recommended as part of the free trial.
Enter fullscreen mode To open the free trial in full screen mode. Once in full screen mode, you can access the tools by hovering the cursor near the center-top of the screen. To return to normal mode, click the Exit fullscreen mode tool () or press the Esc key.
Toggle multiple monitors To toggle between displaying the free trial on different monitors, when more than one monitor is in use.
Profiles This tool, located to the right of the other tools, provides two options:

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