Lasergene 16.0 and higher versions support KeyServer 7.5 and 7.6. The following instructions explain how to set up the Lasergene license server and client for KeyServer. This installation requires the following files, which you should have received in an email from DNASTAR: Lasergene.lic, ArrayStar.lic and NGen.lic; LG’x’.keyhost, AS’x’.keyhost and NG’x’.keyhost, where ‘x’ represents the version number.

On the KeyServer host machine:

  1. Copy all of the .lic files you received to the following folder:

    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Sassafras K2\Server\KeyServer Data

    • Mac: Applications/Sassafras K2/Server/KeyServer Data
  1. Restart the KeyServer service as described in your KeyServer instructions.
  1. Create a folder (e.g., LasergeneClient’x’) and place it at the top level of the user directory or the shared user directory, i.e. /Users/USERNAME/LasergeneClient or /Users/Shared/LasergeneClient.
  1. Copy all of the .keyhost files you received into the new folder.
  1. Log in to your DNASTAR account and go to the My Account page. Press the appropriate button to download the client installer (Client for Mac OS X, Client for Windows).

  1. (Macintosh only) Double-click on the disk image (.dmg) to open a window containing the installer app (.app).
  1. (all platforms) Move the executable file (.exe) or installer app (.app) into the new folder with the copies of the .keyhost files.
  1. Move a copy of the folder to each of the client machines and place it at the top level of the user directory or the shared user directory, i.e. /Users/USERNAME/LasergeneClient or /Users/Shared/LasergeneClient.

On each of the client machines:

Install the Lasergene client software as described in Simple guide to installation or Detailed guide to installation.


Issue Resolution
When attempting to launch a DNASTAR application on the KeyServer network, the error “Debug String” appears A “Debug String” error can occur when you or an administrator uses Sassafras KeyConfigure to key or patch a DNASTAR application. DNASTAR applications require a vendor-generated license and may not launch successfully after being modified in this way. To prevent this problem, please use only the license file provided by DNASTAR for running DNASTAR applications on a KeyServer network.
KeyConfigure does not display the latest installed version of DNASTAR Lasergene after upgrading from a previous version After updating from a previous version of Lasergene, KeyConfigure may continue to display the previous version number. To correct this issue:

  1. From the KeyConfigure Products Window, double-click on a DNASTAR application to display its Product Details window.

  2. Change the version field to the correct version.

  3. Close the Product Details window.

    Repeat steps 1-3 for each of the other affected DNASTAR applications.

    For more information, see the KeyConfigure online help.

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