This topic applies only to network installations. Normal network client installation requires following the steps in the Standalone and network client installation (Windows / Macintosh) for each client machine.

Advanced installation lets you distribute a folder containing a preconfigured Lasergene installation to computers on your network, allowing quick installation on multiple machines.

  1. (Macintosh only) Double-click on the disk image (.dmg) to open a window containing the installer app (.app).
  1. For both Macintosh and Windows, move the executable file (.exe) or installer app (.app) to the LasergeneClient‘x’ folder, adjacent to these three files: LG‘x’.lshost, NG‘x’.lshost, AS‘x’.lshost. If you are using MacOS 10.15 and later the LasergeneClient’x’ directory should be placed at the top level of the user directory or the shared user directory, i.e. /Users/USERNAME/LasergeneClient or /Users/Shared/LasergeneClient.
  1. Copy the entire LasergeneClient‘x’ folder to a USB drive or a shared network drive that can be accessed by each client.
  1. You may now run the DNASTAR Lasergene Installer for Macintosh or Windows on each of the client machines. Be sure to run the installer from the LasergeneClient‘x’ folder to ensure that the *.lshost files are automatically recognized by the installer.

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