To install:

As an alternative to the traditional method of installing standalone or network client software, you can use the Macintosh Terminal to perform the installation “silently”:

  1. Download the standalone/client installer DNASTARLasergene’x‘MacInstaller.dmg (where ‘x’ represents the version number). Double-click on the disk image (.dmg) to open a window containing the installer app (.app).
  1. (Network installation only) Move the standalone/client installer file (.app) into the LasergeneClient’x’ folder that was created during License Server installation. This folder contains the files LG‘x’.lshost, NG‘x’.lshost, AS‘x’.lshost. Then copy the entire folder to the client machine. If you are using MacOS 10.14 or earlier, the folder can be placed anywhere, such as the client desktop. If you are using MacOS 10.15 and later the LasergeneClient’x’ directory should be placed at the top level of the user directory or the shared user directory, i.e. /Users/USERNAME/LasergeneClient or /Users/Shared/LasergeneClient.
  1. Open the LasergeneClient’x’ folder, right-click on the .app file and choose Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents/MacOS. You should see a file named
  1. On the machine where the standalone/client software will be installed, open the Terminal. Drag the file and drop it into the Terminal to provide the path. After the path, type a space, then add this text:

If you are using a standalone key, add:

--mode unattended --dnastarProductKey xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

In place of the “x’s,” use the alphanumeric string from the My Licenses page of the DNASTAR website.

If you are using an IP address, add:

--mode unattended --dnastarServerIP

In place of the “x’s,” use the IP address specified in the _LasergeneClient’x’_folder.

Example of the final command:

/Volumes/DNASTAR\ Lasergene\ 15/DNASTAR\ Lasergene\ --mode unattended --dnastarServerIP

  1. Press Enter. If a security warning appears, choose Yes.

To uninstall:

Open the Terminal and run the following command:

“/Applications/DNASTAR/Uninstall Lasergene ‘x’.app/Contents/MacOS/" --mode unattended

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