To install:

As an alternative to the traditional method of installing standalone or network client software, you can use the Windows command prompt to perform the installation “silently”:

  1. Download the standalone/client installer DNASTARLasergene’x‘WinInstaller.exe (where ‘x’ represents the version number).
  1. (network installation only) Move the standalone/client installer into the _LasergeneClient’x’_folder that was created during License Server installation. Then copy the entire folder to the desktop of the client machine.
  1. On the machine where the standalone/client software will be installed, open a command prompt.
  1. Drag the installer executable into the command prompt to add the path. After the path, type a space, then add this text:

If you are using a standalone key, add:

--mode unattended --dnastarProductKey xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

In place of the “x’s,” use the alphanumeric string from the My Licenses page of the DNASTAR website.

If you are using an IP address, add:

--mode unattended --dnastarServerIP

In place of the “x’s,” use the IP address specified in the _LasergeneClient’x’_folder.

Example of the final command:

C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\DNASTARLasergene150aWinInstaller.exe --mode unattended --dnastarServerIP

  1. Press Enter. If a security warning appears, choose Yes.

To uninstall:

Open a command prompt and run the following command:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\DNASTAR\Uninstall Lasergene ‘x’.exe” --mode unattended

… where ‘x’ represents the version number.

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