The license server machine can be either a Macintosh or Windows computer and can serve any combination of Macintosh and Window client machines up to your license limit. Choose a machine that will always be turned on, accessible from your network, and which has a static IP address. Administrator privileges are required to perform license server installation.

This section explains in detail how to install and authorize the DNASTAR network license server software for on a Macintosh computer. If your server is a Windows computer, follow these instructions instead. If you will be performing a standalone installation rather than a network one, proceed to this topic instead.

To install the License server on a Macintosh computer:

  1. Log in to your DNASTAR account and go to the My Account page. Click the Network Server button Server for Mac OS X to download the installer.

  1. Double-click on the Lasergene ‘x’ License Server Mac Install disk image (.dmg) to open a window containing the application (.app).Then double-click on .app file to launch the installer.
  1. In the Welcome dialog, read the instructions, and then click Next.
  1. In the License Agreement dialog, read the agreement and choose I accept the agreement if you accept (required for installation). Press Next.
  1. In the Important Notes dialog, follow the on-screen instructions and click Next.
  1. In the Ready to Install dialog, press Next.
  1. If a license for the current version of the License Server is not detected, the License Server Authorization dialog will open. Enter your alphanumeric product key into the License Server Product Key field, and then click Authorize to initiate installation.

  1. A progress bar will be displayed. When you see a notification that installation has completed successfully, click Close.

After authorizing the software, the following events will occur:

  • A new folder named LasergeneClient‘x’ (where ‘x’ is the version number) will appear on the desktop. The detected IP Address of the server computer, required for network client installation, can be found in this folder as a file named IP Address [x.x.x.x].txt.
  • A browser window entitled Installing Lasergene Software on Client Computers will open. This page provides information and links for installing the DNASTAR Lasergene network client. The page can be re-opened later from the LasergeneClient‘x’ directory by double-clicking on Lasergene Installation.html.

Having issues with this procedure? Check out these troubleshooting topics:

Otherwise, proceed to Standalone and network client installation for Windows or Macintosh.

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