If you move your licensed copy of Lasergene to another computer, you will need to uninstall the copy on the original computer. Before initiating the “uninstall” procedure, you must manually move any user-generated files from SeqBuilder Pro to the new computer or they will be lost.

The list below shows the files you need to copy and their locations. Be sure to move the files to the same location (file path) on the new computer. If you have never added to the Feature Library or Cloning Vector Catalog, you do not need to move these files.

Item Windows location Mac location
User-generated feature libraries C:\Users\‹username›\AppData\Local\DNASTAR\UserFeatures.library /Library/Preferences/DNASTAR/UserFeatures.library
Vector catalogs with user-added vectors C:\Users\Public\Documents\DNASTAR\Lasergene ‘x’ Data\CloningVectors.sbp /Applications/DNASTAR/Lasergene ‘x’ Data/CloningVectors.sbp
User-modified enzyme (Enzymes.ezd) and selector (EnzymeSelectors.sel) files C:\ProgramData\DNASTAR\DataManager\1.0 /Library/Preferences/DNASTAR/DataManager/1.0
User-modified SeqBuilder layout templates C:\Users\‹username›\AppData\Local\DNASTAR\UserDefault.lyt /Library/Preferences/DNASTAR/UserDefault.lyt

In the above file paths, ‘x’ represents the Lasergene version number.

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