After closing your browser or closing a free trial session, you can return to the free trial using any computer with an Internet connection. You do not need to use the same computer you used when you first used the free trial.

OPTION A: Use the link in the e-mail that DNASTAR sent you when you applied for the free trial

  1. Locate the e-mail from DNASTAR. If you did not receive the e-mail, please check your spam filter.

  2. Click the link “Click here to get started”.

  3. Click Accept and Start Instant Trial, then follow the same steps you used when beginning the free trial.

OPTION B: Create a DNASTAR account and enter through your “My Account” page

  1. Go to the DNASTAR login page and click the link Forgot your password?.

  2. Enter the e-mail that you used when you applied for the free trial and click Reset Password.

  3. Check your inbox for an email with your newly-assigned DNASTAR password.

  4. Return to the DNASTAR login page. Enter the email address and password from the email and press Log In.

  5. Click the Lasergene Instant Trial button on the top right.

  6. Click on the free trial link to return to the free trial.

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