This section explains how to install DNASTAR Lasergene as a network client working in tandem with a DNASTAR license server. These instructions apply to all locally-installed DNASTAR applications. Administrator privileges are required to perform this installation. If you will be installing on Windows, use these instructions instead.

Before starting the steps below, be sure to:

  • Close all existing DNASTAR software.

To perform standalone or network client installation on Macintosh:

  1. Log in to your DNASTAR account and go to the My Account page. Press Lasergene for Mac OS X to download the standalone installer (top image) or network client installer (bottom image).

  1. Double-click on the disk image (.dmg) to open a window containing the installer app (.app).
  1. Move the standalone/client installer file (.app) into the LasergeneClient’x’ folder that was created during License Server installation. This folder contains the files LG‘x’.lshost, NG‘x’.lshost, AS‘x’.lshost. Then copy the entire folder to the client machine. If you are using MacOS 10.14 or earlier, the folder can be placed anywhere, such as the client desktop. If you are using MacOS 10.15 and later the LasergeneClient’x’ directory should be placed at the top level of the user directory or the shared user directory, i.e. /Users/USERNAME/LasergeneClient or /Users/Shared/LasergeneClient.
  1. Double-click on the installer app to launch the installer.
  1. Follow the instructions in the DNASTAR Lasergene Installer screen, and then click Next.
  1. In the License Agreement dialog, read the agreement. If you agree to the terms (required for installation), select I accept the agreement and then press Next.
  1. In the Installation Directory screen, click Next to install in the default location (recommended). Otherwise, click on the folder icon to select a non-default location.

  1. In the Ready to Install screen, click Next. You will see a progress bar showing the progress of the installation.
  1. If a license for the current version of Lasergene is not detected, the Lasergene Authorization dialog will open.

    • If you are performing a standalone installation, select Standalone and enter your Product Key. Your Product Key can be found on your My Licenses page of the DNASTAR website. (If you cannot find the key there, please contact us). Press the Authorize button.

    • If you are installing client software as part of a network installation, and the correct *.lshost files are in the same directory as the installer app, you will not be prompted to license the software. Otherwise, select Network and enter the License Server’s Hostname or IP address in the text box. The IP Address can be found in the LasergeneClient’x’ folder created on the host computer’s desktop during License Server installation. Click the Authorize button.

    • If you do not wish to authorize at this time – Press Cancel and open the authorization dialog at a later time by launching Navigator and choosing License Manager from the Utilities section.

If you used a recognized key, you will receive a message containing an OK button Press OK to continue the installation.

  1. When installation is complete, press Finish. The DNASTAR Navigator will launch automatically.

The installed Lasergene applications can now be accessed via the DNASTAR Navigator or the /Applications/DNASTAR folder.

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