If you plan to use the instant free trial on the cloud and want the best user experience, we strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser (download here for free). However, the free trial supports all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.

Go to the DNASTAR Free Trial Request page and fill out the form (gray background) on the right of the page.

Click the blue button: Access My Free Trial. Decide which type of free trial best suits your needs.

OPTION A: Instantly try SeqBuilder Pro, Protean 3D, MegAlign Pro and SeqMan Pro online if:

  • You want to explore just the most popular Lasergene applications … OR…
  • You don’t want to download a 500 MB file … OR …
  • You are not authorized to install software on your computer.

OPTION B: Download and install the complete Lasergene suite on your computer if:

  • You need trial access to the complete Lasergene suite… AND
  • Your Internet speeds allow you to easily download a 500 MB file.

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