A Lasergene license is based on the installation type, number of users and on the type of anticipated usage (e.g., a standalone license for research use only, a site license for professional use, etc.).

By usage type:

License Type Description
Commercial/Research Applies to commercial users that are involved in research.
Commercial Services Applies to commercial users that provide sequencing or diagnostic services for outside clients.
Academic/Non-Profit Applies to most academic, governmental, and non-profit users.
Educational Available on a per-semester basis to those teaching Lasergene software usage to students in a classroom setting.
Free Trial Results obtained with this type of temporary license may not be used in publications.
Added Value Includes access to the following databases: Variant Annotation Database (ArrayStar), Transcription Factor Database (GeneQuest), Transcript Annotation Database (SeqMan NGen / SeqMan Pro).

By installation type and/or number of licenses:

License Type Description
Standalone Allows installation of Lasergene on a single computer with full-time access to the programs.
Network Allows you to install a license server on any Macintosh or Windows computer. The license server limits the number of simultaneous uses to the number of systems you purchased. Therefore, you can install the client software on an unlimited number of Macintosh or Windows on the same network as the license server. This computer must be running constantly so that all client machines will always have access to the client software. Also, the server computer must have a static IP address, manually configured in the TCP/IP settings of the network card on that server. In addition, if one computer is running two or more applications this computer would count for only one simultaneous use. Therefore, if you had a 3 system network, you would have 2 more uses left.
KeyServer Allows you to run Lasergene on an existing KeyServer network.
Site Via a negotiated agreement, organizations can request a large number or an unlimited amount of Lasergene licenses.
Cloud All DNASTAR software can be licensed to run on the DNASTAR Cloud, a service offered through Amazon Web Services’ Amazon Cloud that allows you to access DNASTAR Lasergene software online from anywhere in the world. Flexible term licenses for the Cloud are available to meet your specific needs. Alternatively, you may set up your own account with AWS and create an access key to use the DNASTAR Cloud. Click here for information on the DNASTAR Cloud Desktop, DNASTAR Cloud Assemblies and DNASTAR Cloud Data Drive.

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