The “My Files” file explorer lets you see all of the files on your free trial cloud-space. These files consist of the Lasergene demo data files, files you have uploaded from your own computer, and files created in the course of using your Lasergene free trial.

The initial file structure consists of two folders, one of which contains two subfolders:

  • Home Folder – This folder and its subfolders are the only places to which you should save or upload data. Storing data anywhere else will result in the data being lost after you leave the cloud session. The two subfolders are:

    • Lasergene Data – Contains all of the data needed to follow the SeqBuilder Pro, Protean 3D, MegAlign Pro and/or SeqMan Pro tutorials on the DNASTAR website.

    • SAVE HERE – The location in which you should save results files and upload data from your computer.
  • Temporary Files – The storage location for temporary files created by Lasergene applications in the course of performing analyses. We recommend that you do not open or use this folder.

For information on working with data files, see the following topics:

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