Did you arrive here by selecting the   DNASTAR Navigator workflow Molecular Biology > Translation DNA to protein? If so, you’re in the right place!      

To create one or more translations for the entire sequence:

In the Sequence or Primer Design view, click on the Translations and ORFs tool () and make a selection from the Reading Frame sub-menu.

To hide a translation strand:

Right-click on it and choose Hide Translation Strand.

To create a translation for only the selected portion of the sequence:

In the Sequence view, click on the Translations and ORFs tool () and choose Create Translation. Type a name and press OK.

To control the display and numbering of the translation, use the Translations table located in the Settings panel.

To toggle between displaying amino acids as 1- or 3-letter codes:

Choose Sequence > Translation Display > Three Letter Code or Sequence > Translation Display > One Letter Code.

To change or modify the genetic code used for translations:

See the topics Choose the genetic code and Modify the genetic code.

To save the translation of a DNA/RNA sequence as a new protein sequence:

See Create a New Sequence.

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