Synchronous updating allows you to work on the same file in multiple Lasergene applications at the same time, and is available in SeqBuilder Pro and GeneQuest, and—on a limited basis—in Protean 3D. Changes made to a sequence in one application are automatically applied in the other shared applications.

To export a sequence to another Lasergene application with synchronous updating:

  1. Open the sequence of interest.
  1. Send the sequence to 1-3 additional applications using File > Send Sequence To > [Lasergene application]. For example, you could open the same document in:
    • SeqBuilder Pro – to edit the sequence

    • GeneQuest – to further analyze a region of conservation

For information about how File > Save and File > Save As affect synchronous updating, see Save.

Note that Protean 3D does not allow the editing of sequences or features, and synchronous updating is not supported for .pdb files. As a result, Protean 3D has limited, unidirectional synchronous updating capacity compared to some other Lasergene applications. Changes made in another application may be synchronized to Protean 3D, but not the reverse, as in these two scenarios:

  • A file is open in another Lasergene application and you have made unsaved changes to it (e.g., trimming, adding a feature). When you initially open the same file in Protean 3D, any changes made to the original sequence or its features will also appear there.
  • The same file is already open in both Protean 3D and another application. You make changes to the file in the other application. Only feature edits will synchronize to Protean 3D; sequence edits are ignored.

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