If you selected Assemble on the DNASTAR cloud in the Begin Project screen, the next wizard screen is entitled Cloud Assembly.

Make a selection using the radio buttons:

  • New cloud assembly – To create and initiate a new assembly.
  • Manage/monitor existing cloud projects – To check the progress of one or more assemblies that are in-progress and/or complete. This option will take you to the Cloud Assemblies screen.

Cloud assemblies require that all data be uploaded to the DNASTAR Cloud Data Drive prior to assembly. To access this utility, press Upload Data and upload data files (yyy) or folders (yyy).

Click the “terms and conditions” link if you would like to read the formal agreement for using Cloud Assemblies.

Once you have finished uploading the files for the current assembly project, return to the SeqMan NGen wizard and click Next > to continue to the next wizard screen. If you chose New cloud assembly, you will be taken to the Choose Assembly Workflow screen. If you chose Manage/monitor existing cloud projects, you will be taken to the Cloud Assemblies screen.

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