Whether you are performing a local assembly or a Cloud Assembly, the SeqMan NGen wizard will help you set up your project by walking you step-by-step through a series of screens.

These screens prompt you to specify the workflow type, add sequence and accessory files, and optimize settings as desired. You can then assemble at the push of a button. Once the assembly is finished, another wizard screen may prompt you to launch SeqMan Pro or ArrayStar for downstream analysis of your results.

To read about a particular wizard screen, expand this topic (“Create and Run an Assembly”) in the Table of Contents on the left, and click on the name of the wizard screen. Many of the wizard screen topics also feature helpful sub-topics related to options on that screen. The first topic in this section is Launch SeqMan NGen.

While using SeqMan NGen, you can get help for the active wizard screen by pressing the Help button at the bottom of the screen.

To navigate between wizard screens:

There are two different ways to navigate between screens in the SeqMan NGen wizard.

  • Whether or not you have yet been to a screen, you can navigate using the buttons at the bottom of each dialog.

    • Click the Help button (Win) or the question mark icon (Mac) to launch the user’s guide topic for the current panel.

    • Click < Back and Next > to navigate to the previous or next panel.

    • Click Quit to exit SeqMan NGen.
  • If you have already visited a particular screen, you can return to it by clicking its name from the menu at the left of the SeqMan NGen wizard. The menu contains a list of wizard screens that you have visited so far. If you return to a previous screen and make a selection that changes the workflow type, subsequent screens that are not part of the new workflow will be removed from the list

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