To download assembly results:

  1. After monitoring the progress of a Cloud Assembly and verifying that the assembly is Done, launch the DNASTAR Cloud Data Drive (if it is not already open).
  1. To display the results for in-progress or finished Cloud Assembly tutorials, double click on the Assemblies folder .
  1. Using Shift +click or Ctrl/Cmd+click, select the files you wish to download to your local computer.

  1. Press the Download files from the cloud tool (). Note that attempts to download files from an unfinished assembly will result in an error message.
  1. When prompted, choose a download location and press OK. The lower half of the Cloud Data Drive shows the download progress.

Once the files have been downloaded to your local computer, open them in the desired application for downstream analysis (e.g., SeqMan Pro, ArrayStar, GenVision Pro).

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