The -reports folder is part of the XNG .assembly package.

In the table below (and in the sentence above), it should be understood that the project name precedes any hyphen (-) or period (.) used at the beginning of file and folder names.

File Suffix or Extension Description
-zinternal See Contents of the -zinternal folder for details.
-enrichment_Summary.txt (internal use only)
-perAssemblyResults.txt The table consists of one row of overview information and assembly statistics per assembly. Information from subsequent assemblies is appended to the existing table.

Here are some statistics of interest from perAssemblyResults.txt:

* NumSeqs – The total number of sequences.

* Export_Split_Cnt – The number of exported split reads.

* Export_Aligned – The number of exported reads.

Note: Since split reads are counted in each location where they align, it is possible for Export_Aligned to exceed NumSeqs.
-perTemplateResults.txt Overview information and assembly statistics per contig.
-projectReport.txt Overview information of the assembly. The same report can be viewed within SeqMan Pro using the Project > Report menu command.
-unassembled.fastq The unassembled reads from the assembly in Fastq format. If production of this file is not specified in the script, three files are created instead:

* missing.fastq – Uunassembled reads with no hits to any template.

* poor.fastq – Unassembled reads with scores too low to include in the layout.

* unaligned.fastq – Unassembled reads included in the layout, but rejected by the aligner.

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