The -zinternal folder is located in the -reports folder, which in turn is part of the XNG .assembly package.

In the table below (and the nomenclature used in the sentence above), it should be understood that the project name precedes any hyphen (-) or period (.) used at the beginning of file and folder names.

File Suffix or Extension Description
info The files -[templateID].insertion2 and -[templateID].sV_Edges.txt both contain structural variation information used in SeqMan Pro reports.
bamToSQD.script For converting the assembly to .sqd format. (internal use only)
results.txt Here are some statistics of interest from the results.txt file:

* templateCoverage% – The percentage of the length of the template that is covered by one or more reads.

* medianCoverage – The average depth for regions that with nonzero coverage.
The following files instruct SeqMan NGen to convert unassembled reads into a separate SQD project:
batchUnassembled A UNIX executable file for de novo assembly of unassembled reads with v. and vi.
batchUnassembled.table.txt A table of values for running an SNG assembly of the missing .fas reads against the template sequence.
batchUnassembled.template.script The SNG script containing variables that are specified by the batchMissing.table.txt.

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