To log in to Cloud Assemblies or to access the Cloud Data Drive:

If you are not logged into your DNASTAR account and press a button associated with Cloud Assemblies or the Cloud Data Drive (e.g., the Add from Cloud button in the Reference Sequence screen), a popup dialog will prompt you to enter your Email and Password.

You can also access this popup dialog by pressing the “key” icon in the lower left corner of the SeqMan NGen wizard. The key has different appearances depending whether you are currently logged in () or not ().

To log in, enter the information that you use when logging in to the DNASTAR website. Check the Save password box if you would like SeqMan NGen to save this information so you do not need to retype it in the future. Press Log in.

If you forgot your login credentials, click the Forgot password link.

To view your Cloud Assembly service plan details:

Once you are logged in as above, click the “key” icon () to display the License Details popup. You service plan End date and your User name are shown. To see additional details, click the Show details link.

  • If you have assemblies remaining on a current service plan, the popup expands to show the number of assemblies remaining on your license. Click OK to close the message or Logout to exit from Cloud Assemblies.

  • If no assemblies remain or your service plan has expired, the message will instead ask you to purchase a Cloud license through DNASTAR Support (

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