The runScript command allows you to run a table script within the current script. A table script references variable values for specified parameters and other elements in a script. This enables you to run multiple projects from the same script, substituting new parameter values and other variables each time. SeqMan NGen will run the table script repeatedly, using the variable values from one row of the table for each iteration of the script until all of the rows have been used.

Parameter Description Allowed values
file Specifies the directory and file/folder. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]
script (required) Specifies the directory and file name of the table script you wish to run. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]
table (required) Specifies the delimited text file containing the variable values. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]


   script: “/Library/abc_Project/abc_script.script”
   table: “/Library/abc_Project/table.txt”

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