The setDefaultDirectory command is required, and defines the default directory for the project. When a default directory is specified, files located in that directory only need to be identified by their subfolder and/or file name in subsequent commands.

Parameter Description Allowed values
directory (required) Specifies the default directory. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]
defaultMacDirectory Specifies the default directory for Macintosh. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]
defaultWinDirectory Specifies the default directory for Windows. [directory/filename enclosed in quotes]


setDefaultDirectory: “/Library/ABC_proj/”

Once you have set a default directory, you may use two periods before a file name to specify that the file you wish to use is located in the parent folder of the default directory you specified. For example, the following line specifies that the vector file, 123Vector.fas, is located in the ABC Data folder, the parent folder of the default directory.

loadVector file: “../123Vector.fas”

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