The Trimming tab is used to set parameters for the trimming phase of the assembly. To access the tab from the Preassembly Options screen, click the Advanced Options button then click on the Trimming tab.

Default parameters vary according to the sequencing technology and project type specified elsewhere in the wizard, and values seldom need to be changed.

Parameter Description
Trim quality The minimum averaged quality score of the evaluated window that is required in order to be considered low-quality.
Window The length of the window to be used for averaging quality scores.
Fixed-end trimming If desired, check the 5’ and/or 3’ boxes and enter the number of bases to trim from the 5’ and/or 3’ end of each read. Alternatively, check the Measure from 5’ end box and enter a specific coordinate to which reads should be trimmed.

Once you are finished, click the Scans or Alignment tabs, or click OK to save changes and return to the Pressembly Options screen.

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