The following table describes each of the workflows available in the Variant Call Format (VCF) files tab of the Workflow screen. These workflows are used if you have assembled your data and done SNP calling in another application and have VCF files with a .vcf or .abi file extension that you wish to compare to a database or to one another. These workflows both output an .astar file that can be opened in ArrayStar for downstream analysis.

Group Workflow Description
VCF file analysis Functional annotation of a single sample Annotates the variant positions with functional information from a database, including affected genes and impact on protein encoding regions and/or splice sites.
Annotation and comparison of multiple samples Allows multiple samples in VCF format to be annotated and then compared to identify genes and/or variants of interest in ArrayStar. This workflow is designed to use with assemblies created outside SeqMan NGen (e.g., using BWA + GATK). Such assemblies often have .vcf files as their only output.

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