The Project Report summarizes the assembly statistics, including the parameters used, the number of assembled/unassembled sequences and contigs in your project, and the average quality scores.

Opening the Project Report:

Use any of the methods below:

  • Open the output file Report.txt in any suitable text editor.
  • Open the assembly in SeqMan Pro and choose Project > Report.
  • Open the assembly in SeqMan Ultra and choose Project > Project Details.

Project Report contents:

  • The contigs in the project are named as follows:

    • If you performed a reference-guided workflow, the resulting contig will take the name of the reference sequence name.

    • If you scanned your assembly for known repeats, then the contigs in your project containing sequences flagged as possible repeats will be named: Repeat-00001, Repeat-00002, Repeat-00003, etc.

    • If none of the above applies, the contigs in your project will be named Contig 00001, Contig 00002, Contig 00003, etc.
  • If you’ve opted to create both an .sqd and an .assembly output, you may notice that the files do not exactly match. That’s because .sqd files, unlike .assembly files, allow sequences to extend beyond either end of the reference sequence.

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