The Welcome window opens when you launch SeqMan Ultra, and is used for creating or opening assemblies. As you add projects, the Welcome window will remain as the leftmost project tab unless you manually move or close it.

To set up a new assembly:

Beginning in Lasergene 17 (early 2020), all assemblies are performed within SeqMan NGen. SeqMan Ultra’s Welcome window can be used as a launcher for a SeqMan NGen assembly workflow, as described below. You can also initiate an assembly through SeqMan NGen directly.

  1. If the Welcome tab is not visible, choose View > Welcome.
  1. Click on the Welcome tab and choose New Assembly on the left.

  1. Click on the assembly type of interest. This launches the SeqMan NGen wizard at the Workflow screen. The screen is pre-populated with options specific to that workflow.
  1. Choose the workflow of interest on the right.
  1. Proceed through the SeqMan NGen wizard, uploading data files and selecting the desired options and settings. When prompted, specify and name and location in which to save the assembly files.
  1. Once the assembly is ready to run, SeqMan NGen will recommend you click one of two links, depending on the size of the project. One link will run the assembly on your local computer. The other link will run the assembly on the cloud. Cloud assemblies can be purchased from our Academic / Commercial pricing pages.
  1. As soon as the assembly finishes, you may proceed directly to downstream analysis by pushing one of the provided buttons. The buttons, which depend on the workflow you followed, lead to ArrayStar, SeqMan Ultra and/or GenVision Pro.

See the SeqMan NGen User Guide for complete information on setting up and performing the assembly using the SeqMan NGen wizard.

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