SeqMan Ultra’s data display views allow you to perform in-depth analysis on a contig created as part of a SeqMan NGen assembly.

These views can be accessed using commands in the View menu, but the fastest way to access them is to use the toolbar to the right of the Explorer panel. Available tools vary depending on the type of assembly.

Image Tool Name Shortcut to Menu Command Description
Show alignment view of selected contigs View > Alignment Causes one Alignment view to open for each selected contig.
Show strategy view of selected contigs or scaffolds View > Strategy Causes one Strategy view to open for each selected contig or scaffold.
Show table of features in selected contigs View > Features Causes one Features View to open for each selected contig.
Show table of SNPs in selected contig View > Variants This option is only available for reference-guided .assembly projects and causes one Variant View to open for each selected contig.
Show report view of selected contigs View > Contig Report Causes one Contig Report View to open for each selected contig. This view comes in three versions: Contig Information, Contig Coverage, Contig Structural Variation. By default, the Contig Information tab is shown.

SeqMan Ultra allows multiple instances of a view to be created, some of which may share a common view tab. As shown in the image below, the view tab shows how many views of that type are in that tab folder. To display a different instance, hover over the view tab until you see a popup showing each instance by name, then click on the desired instance.

To learn how to show, hide, close, detach, reattach views or to make them full screen, see Customize the Interface Layout.

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