The Project Details tab summarizes assembly time, the parameters used in constructing a contig, and each stage in the progress of an assembly, as well as the median pair distance and standard deviation for each set of a given sized pair library in an assembly. Project Details is one of three Project Report views that may be available, depending on the assembly type that is currently open.

The image below shows a portion of one version of the Project Details view.

The table below describes some of the parameters with the most general interest.

Parameter Description
Total Reads Assembled Contains information about reads that made it into the assembly.
Unassembled Sequences Lists reasons why certain reads were not included.
Coalesced ā€˜nā€™ identical reads Shows the number of reads that were treated as duplicates.
Found SNP Cnt (incl. indel lengths) Shows the number of SNPs that were found.
Assembly Parameters Shows the SNP-calling parameters specified in the SeqMan NGen wizard for this assembly.
SCRIPT Shows the entire assembly script used in SeqMan NGen when creating this assembly.

To export data from this view, press the Export data tool ( ) in the top right of the view. This opens a save dialog in which you can save the tabular data in comma-separated (.csv) or tab-separated (.tab) format.

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