After successfully searching for sequences online, the Table, Text and Pairwise views appear. All three views share a common toolbar. The table below shows tasks that can be performed using the shared tools.

Task How To…
To filter results from a sequence search Use the Filter results tool (). Filtering for this situation is described here.
To save the search job to disk Use the Save as tool ().
To export data or sequences from the view Use the Export data tool ( ). Select from the following options:

  • Matches without Gaps – To export an ungapped FASTA (.fasta) file consisting of matching regions of displayed matches, but not the query sequence itself.

  • Aligned Matches – To export a gapped FASTA (.fasta) file with displayed matches aligned against the query.

  • Table – To save Table view contents in either Comma- or tab-separated value (.csv or .tab) formats.

  • Text – To save the Text view contents in Text (.txt) format.
To download a selected match sequence in GenBank (.gbk) format Click on the Export data tool ) and choose Download Sequences.
To launch the Access ID dialog Click on the Export data tool () and choose Set Access ID.

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