Tracks are graphical data displays that run along the length of your sequences in the Strategy and Alignment views. To learn how to apply, show or hide tracks, or to edit track options, see Work with Data Tracks. The following table shows all the tracks that can be displayed within the Alignment view.

Tracks panel category & track name Image
Alignment header or footer > Consensus
Alignment header or footer > Consensus > Consensus translation Consensus translation track conventions are as follows:

  • Stop codons are represented by dots.
  • Translations are not displayed for incomplete codons.
  • Translation frames 4-6 are counted from the right end (the 3’ end of the bottom strand).
Alignment header or footer > Coverage
Alignment header or footer > Reference
Alignment header or footer > Reference > Features
Alignment header or footer > Ruler A gap-aware sequence ruler.

Alignment reads
Alignment reads > Features
Alignment reads > Traces This option is only available for .sqd projects that used Sanger/ABI data.

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